Peter – Professional Driver Trainer & Assessor

Pete has over 20 years experience as a driving instructor in Queensland. Also known for his easy-going personality and good humour, he has earned a great reputation with learner drivers and Qld Transport examiners alike.

Driver training is delivered in a relaxed and friendly manner and personally tailored to suit your specific needs. Driving lessons are structured to incorporate a broad range of driving skills including defensive driving techniques.


We specialise in high-quality driver training in automatic cars only and are passionate about road safety.

We can help:

  • New learner drivers gain confidence behind the wheel
  • Fine-tune your driving skills for life
  • Pass your driving test with confidence and ease
  • Get triple hours in your logbook – 60 minutes can be tripled to 180 minutes
  • Improve high-risk driving manoeuvres
  • With night driving – 10 hrs night driving is required in the logbook
  • With tips on modifications for older drivers to assist them drive for longer
  • Medical doctors by providing driving assessments for older drivers and disabled drivers.
  • Convert overseas licence to Queensland licence

The best thing is - defensive driving is included at no extra charge.

So if you’re looking for driver training with amazing results, give us a call and experience the difference for yourself.


Feel confident our highly-skilled driver trainer is up-to-date with the latest information to assist you - and has many credentials including:

  • Certificate IV in Motor Vehicle Driving Instruction
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
  • Current Driver Trainer Licence with Qld Transport
  • Blue Card enabling him to teach young people
  • Keys2Drive Accredited Driver Trainer
  • Experienced Medical Driving Assessor
  • Highly Recommended Driver Trainer & Assessor

Think of your driving instructor as a private tutor who is equipped with a selection of training resources to improve your driving ability.

Students are encouraged to practice in between lessons to achieve a high level of performance and consistency.

Comprehensive on-road training is the key to your success.

Our training vehicles

Hervey Bay Driving School provides late model automatic cars which are clean and tidy, well-maintained and fully insured. Sit back and relax as all cars are air-conditioned and have tinted windows for your comfort.

All training vehicles are fitted with dual controls for maximum safety. An extra rear-view mirror is also fitted on the instructor’s side to increase road vision.

Queensland Transport inspects driver training vehicles annually to ensure the dual controls work properly and the vehicle operations are in good working order. Unfortunately not all vehicles can be modified to enable dual controls to be fitted to the standard required for driver training. Therefore, the choice of car makes and models suitable for driver training is quite limited.

Our training vehicles are easily recognised by the navy and green roof top sign. L plates are prominently displayed on the front and back of our automatic vehicles.

Meet the team

Hervey Bay Driving School is owned and operated by a local husband & wife team – Peter & Sharon White. Both have worked in the driver training industry for many years and enjoy helping new drivers feel safe and confident on the road.

We are here to assist you in any way we can. For information and advice – please give us a call on 0417 631 220.

Would you like to be a Driver Trainer?

If you’re looking for a rewarding career change and are keen to improve road safety in Hervey Bay – contact us on 0417 631 220 to find out how to become an accredited Driver Trainer in Queensland.

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